Short Term & One-Off EVENT Espresso Machine Hire 


La marzocco gs3 - From £125 per day 

Whether you are doing a one-off event or need an emergency replacement to cover a broken or faulty machine this GS3 is the highest-spec machine available to hire in the UK. 

The La Marzocco GS3 is the pinnacle of single group espresso machines. The GS3 will provide consistently excellent espresso shot-after-shot even in the most high demand scenarios. 

The GS3 features the same thermal stability control as featured in La Marzoccos flagship Strada including a preheating system, digital PID controls, saturated groups, dual-boilers and volumetric controls - this all makes for an unrivaled single-group espresso platform. 

An in-built pump and a 13amp plug mean the GS3 can be run off a conventional plug socket without the need for an external hydro-flow pump. Unlike most mobile set-ups the GS3 is fully electric so can be ran safely during indoor and outdoor events. 

What is included in your hire:

  • Delivery, installation & collection 
  • Any necessary training 
  • Barista kit (shot glass, scales, milk jugs, tamp, tamp matt and knock-box)
  • Any necessary water and waist run-off containers if being operated on a mobile stand

A grinder can be included for an additional cost. 

Please note this machine is only available to hire in the Tyne & Wear region.

For more information visit La Marzocco's website here



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